Thick grey clouds rolled in across the mountains like smoke, and this evening it is raining in Yangsan. The past two weeks have been full and busy in that ‘start of summer’ kind of way and home-based life occurrences, such as putting a wash on or writing this blog, were whirled into the side lines. So now the washing machine rumbles, the raindrops drum and I am back at the keys.

There have been national occasions since I last wrote. For the Buddha’s birthday (which here is bigger than Christmas) brightly coloured lanterns were lit in temples across the country, and we all celebrated with a three-day weekend.

Similar to Mother’s day in the UK, Korea has a ‘Teacher’s Day’ which this year fell on a Wednesday. I was given a pencil case, notebook, iced coffee, chocolate, nail polish, a giant fan, a Hello Kitty ice-cooler and some lovely cards. I decided that Teacher’s Day rocks.

Generally students and sunshine have been making my days bright. The relationship between teachers and students can be so warm here. Some girls come into my classroom on a break between lessons just for a chat. Cycling through town on Sunday I was spotted by a few different groups of students who hollered “TAMJIN TEACHER!”  and waved enthusiastically. Regardless of nationality, I think teaching at a public school and the comparatively smaller size of this city leads to a mini celebrity status for all teachers. And any day that starts with lampposts singing 80’s power ballads and people screaming your name can only be a good one.