Teacher PhotoIt is snowing today in Yangsan, making this world beautiful and cold.  The students are excited and lunchtime produced several pictures containing my head amidst groups of peace-inclined teenagers.  Although I have joined the international ‘thank god it’s Friday’ club, today I am glad to be here and full of affection for this school and these girls. Last lesson I had my favourite class: they are so sweet and nice I feel as though I am taking advantage of their nature for my own evil teaching means.

As teachers around the globe have known for centuries, I am discovering that teaching different classes is like munching on a big bag of mixed fruit.  Along with the chocolate-coated raisins, in which students sporadically shout ‘teacher I love you’ and give an (unprompted) round of applause at the end of class, there’s always the chewy brown banana lessons to keep the old ego under wraps.